Great beginnings to a new series (Rating: 5 Stars)
The Emerald Tablet is not the type of book I would typically read. Yet when the author contacted me about doing a review, I accepted after reading the synopsis. This book is part science fiction, part fantasy, and part adventure. I will admit, the first couple of chapters shocked me. The very first scene is one of horrific violence against a child, yet as the novel progresses you see that it is necessary to understand the development of some characters. It is essential to the novel. I decided to keep reading since I knew that others had given this novel 4 and 5 star reviews.

I am glad that I stuck with it. This novel keeps you engaged throughout with it’s amazing characters, vivid settings, and lively action.

The main characters in The Emerald Tablet are quite well-developed. I love Atlantia. She has such strength and intense devotion. Her character is one I can’t wait to learn more of in the following novels. I just wanted to mother Leoros. He is a typical teenage boy who loves soccer and comic books. Yet when he is transported to another land, he must show his true strength of character and make extreme sacrifices for those who live in a world where he had never been.

The different settings of the novel keep you immersed in the story. When you are on Earth, you can feel the hot desert sun on your back. When you are in Potara on Mount Parnassus, you can see the clouds surrounding you and feel the cold seeping into your skin. The way the novel jumps back and forth from one world to the other keeps you guessing. You are frustrated at having to wait to see what is happening in one land, yet excited to be back in the other land seeing what is going on there!

All in all, The Emerald Tablet is a solid first novel in what promises to be an epic adventure.

~ Christen S. Maurer


Great Book & Great Start to the Series (Rating: 5 Stars)
I tend to gravitate toward fantasy/action books, and I also have a deep love for history. After reading the synopsis of The Emerald Tablet, and seeing that it was Ancient History, I instantly knew I had to read it.

The book opens with a father choking his daughter and trying to get her to “feel the hate” within her. I was instantly sucked into the book and it never let go. I would find myself thinking about it throughout my day and couldn’t wait to get done work and read more.

As crazy as it sounds, I didn’t want to finish the book. I swear it took me a week to read the last 100 pages, because I just didn’t want it to end. I’m still fighting with myself on whether I want to read the excerpt from the next book or not. (I know I will) I’ll admit it, I definitely teared up reading this book. It’s great when you can get so attached to characters and actually care about what happens to them.

If this book is any indication on how the rest of the series will be, I will love all the books. I’m really excited to see where the series will go to next.

~ Christopher T. Weekly “CTW0904”


The Emerald Tablet is a unique blend of fantasy, science fiction, and ancient history. (Rating: 4 Stars)
It takes place partly on modern Earth at an archeological site in the ancient Egyptian city of Siwa and partly on a distant planet called Potara, a futuristic world where society has learned to harness the elemental energy of the universe through preists schooled in the wisdom of the ancient Greek and Egyptian gods. Throughout the book, Greek and Egyptian mythology come into play, and you can tell Silverman has a substantial amount of knowledge about the two cultures.

The plot mixes a lot action with romance, friendship, sibling rivalry, mysticism and metaphysics. It has heroes, lovers, and traitors. There is a large cast of characters of varying ages and personalities. Like The Game of Thrones series, it tells the story from different perspectives and takes the reader into the mind of many characters. The main character that ties the book together seems to be Leoros, a teenage boy raised by an archeologist and a scientist, whose lifelong fascination with science fiction and comic books has filled him with a strong need to be like the heroes he reads about. His destiny is tied to Altantia, a slave girl on Potara with the gift of prophecy. Then, there is Pythos, a priest with past that has caught up with him and mentor to four apprentices whose ambitions and secret agendas drive the story. Of course, no book is complete without villains and The Emerald Tablet has several, but there will be no spoilers in this review.

The book was an interesting read, but overall I give it a mixed review. As a first novel, it bears some of the trademarks of inexperienced writers: too much telling and not enough showing (Silverman spends too much time inside the characters’ heads and it gets repetitive), some plot inconsistencies, and characters that could have been more developed. But the book has a lot of potential: an absorbing fantasy world, a plot with twists and turns, and the tie in to ancient mythology that lends it credibility. Silverman also does a good job with the action scenes, painting cinematic descriptions of fights and battles. The Emerald Tablet is the first in a series, and the characters are compelling enough that I want to know what happens to them next. I’ll be reading book two.

~ Joy2elmundo


Cool read for all! (Rating: 5 Stars)
Freaking cool! That is how all books like this should start. I mean odd names, glowing pillars, emerald tablets, ancient mythology, cult-like cultures- what more could one ask for?

I really enjoyed this book. It was well written. The plot was unique and original. The characters were well developed. I loved the character arcs. I felt like Josh really spent time getting to know his characters before he put his pen to paper.

There were twists and turns and each step of the way you connected with the characters. Josh threw unexpected plot twists at you and made you want to keep reading. I love the beginning and by the end I wanted to get my hands on the next one and read until there was a complete end. Even my husband had to borrow this one… meaning he snuck off with it and hoarded it in the car until he had read it and got caught putting it back. He loved it too.

I highly recommend this book. It’s a great read for anyone looking for a new take on myths, adventure, action, alter-realities, and SO MUCH MORE! Pick it up today!!

J. Kimmelfreeman “Mom, Author, Blogger, Reviewer”


An adventurous ride through history and fantasy (Rating: 4 Stars)
It seems like there have been a lot of mythology books and movies in the market recently. And The Emerald Tablet is but a new addition to that growing list. The Emerald Tablet is like reading a combination of the Percy Jackson series, Harry Potter and even parts of The Mummy movies all rolled into one but with a twist. It was interesting how the author added his own interests in comic books into the book. His research of the Greek and Egyptian myths is so extensive that sometimes he piles on too much information at certain parts of the book. Those bits made the reading process slower as you try to take in all the history involved.
I found the cities interesting and fresh but lacking in substance and would have liked more depth and time to explore them. The only area that was properly developed was the Temple of Amun, which was truly a fantasy to live in. Being a story about Greek mythology, we are taken into the clouds and the world beyond. Those scenes were realistic and lovingly created.

One of the strengths of this book lies in its characters, from the first turn of the page we are introduced to one of them, exactly who I cannot tell you for the sake of not spoiling the secret. The Emerald Tablet is full of complex characters and each battle with who they really are inside. All the characters are unique in their own way and really represent the thin balance between good and bad. The book touches on slavery and equality and how just having someone who has faith in you can make you so much stronger as a person.

Everything is a matter of perspective.

Unfortunately, I think that this book would have been stronger had it been edited better. Besides a number of various errors, some parts of the book did not flow smoothly for me. As someone who reads books practically word for word, I spotted quite a few too many errors for me to properly enjoy the book. There was quite a bit of repetition in the book as well, which to me was unnecessary as anyone reading the book would already know what was going on.

The ending was a bit of an anti-climax with the characters facing uncertain futures. While I do believe that the author intends on bringing back some of the characters somehow, the way it was done fell short for me, leaving me wanting a glimpse of hope of their survival. A more dramatic ending would have been nicer but it seemed like the author just wanted to leave the story with a proper ending. It felt like this could actually be taken as a stand-alone book rather than it having a major cliffhanger which I prefer in a long book series.

This book series could be a potential big budget mythological book-to-movie blockbuster that needs to have a few corners ironed out and some bits reinforced, but is almost there. I hope the author makes the rest of the series more concise and it could become quite a hit.



Good start to what is sure to be a great series (Rating: 5 Stars)
The first scene of this novel involves a father brutally choking his 6 year old daughter and asking her if she felt hate. I read the scene and just sat there shocked for a few minutes and then realized what a brilliant scene it was. In those few pages, Silverman shows up what we’re up against in this very complex and involved story. This man is going to do anything he has to do in the name of developing the powers of this little girl. Conversely we have an image of what this girl is going to grow up to be and in that moment, those two characters are laid out like crystal. After this scene the next 10% or so dragged because what Silverman has given us is a very complex story and elaborate new world. Silverman lays out the rules and setting for us in graphic detail as succinctly as can be done.

There are a number of characters in this novel and, to Silverman’s credit, they’re all unique and distinct. Atlantia is a slave girl with special powers who is maybe too smart for her own good. Pythos is a mentor who maybe realizes that he’s a bit beyond. Legends of Amun Ra The Emerald Tablet is sci-fi, fantasy and history rolled into one. Silverman’s use of mythology is broad and (from what little I know of Egyptian and Greek mythology) seems to be proficient.

Legends of Amun Ra The Emerald Tablet is a good, old fashioned, battle between good and evil and especially once the action really got going toward the latter half of the book, I could not put this book down. Everytime I thought the plot would twist, it turned. I’m just going to admit it, I cried at the end. I won’t give it away but I did.

~ T. Dewhirst “Avid Reader” (Ontario)


Promising New Series (Rating: 5 Stars)
While it took awhile to settle in to the new world created by the author, once everyone was introduced, the book became a non-stop, action-packed thrill ride whose characters were relatable & whose emotions were vivid & conflicted. Silverman knows his myths & uses them as a springboard for what should be the first in a promising new sci-fantasy series of books.

~ Kathie Yoneda (Fresno CA)


I’m a sci-fi convert! (Rating: 5 Stars)
Legends of Amun Ra: The Emerald Tablet is a good, old-fashioned battle between good and evil fleshed out with great detail and vivid scenes! The reader is given fantasy, sci-fi, action, adventure, betrayal, Egyptian mythology, and even a little romance! All this from a DEBUT author, who obviously loves his craft, does his due diligence and is gifted with storytelling!

I was not eased into the story, the opening pages are brutal, grabs you by the throat and squeezes, so to speak. The ending? I almost cried, I said to myself, “No. Way. Not. Fair.”

Between the beginning and the end we are introduced to a thirteen-year-old boy, who, thanks to his mother’s anthropological work, is onsite at a dig where an ancient relic, reported to have mystical powers, is uncovered. The boy, Leoros, is catapulted into another world that is both ancient and futuristic. His life there collides and intersects with the lives of all he meets, some destined for greatness, some for infamy and treachery. Sometimes the lines are blurred between perceived good and evil. One thing for sure, the story Never. Lets. Up!

The reading is straightforward, no mental translations needed, letting me sink deep enough into the story to be like a ghost in the room! I swear, I was there! The characters are many and memorable, each with their own varied personalities, strengths and weaknesses! They were real, believable!

There isn’t a wasted page from start to finish and the groundwork for future books in the series is well-laid! I want to know what happens to these characters and where their fates lead them, so I’m definitely looking forward to the next book…and trying to be patient about it!

Dii (Michigan)


A Non-Stop Thrill Ride! (Rating: 4 Stars)
THE EMERALD TABLET (LEGENDS OF AMUN RA, #1) is a science fiction- fantasy-action, novel dealing with ancient Greek and Egyptian cultures and mythologies. At its center is a boy who is so starved for attention he fantasizes about being a hero. When he gets his chance, he turns out to be more afraid of death and fighting than he ever thought.

I loved the Greek and Egyptian mythologies in this book. Silverman essentially creates a micro-ancient Greece and Egypt, yet is set in a futuristic society. I would imagine that the Thothian Empire is what might have happened if Greece and Egypt weren’t conquered and left to continue with their culture for the last five thousand years.

But there’s a lot of spirituality, which is essential in most mythologies, in this story. It focuses on the energy of the universe, which is kind of a play-off Star Wars’ the force, or Buddhism’s Xi (chi), or even the Eon/Eona duology by Alison Goodman. But Silverman puts it in ancient Egyptian terminology, calling his energy Am-Ra (for the feminine) and Am-Re (for the masculine).

The basic story is that the Egyptian god of wisdom and magic, Thoth, wrote the secrets to the universe in the Emerald Tablet. Leoros, a kid from Earth, finds the tablet and is able to use it to transport him to another planet called Potara wherein he meets Pythos, the High Priest of the Amun Priests.

While under Pythos’ mentorship program, Leoros meets Atlantia, who is a slave. Together these two kids form a bond. It’s kind of cute in a way. They have this innocent puppy love. But don’t get me wrong, that’s a side-bar. There are a lot of characters in this story and while I think Silverman thinks Leoros is the main character, this is an ensemble cast. My particular favorite character was Dio, who is this badass apprentice of the Amun Priests. But, I won’t give anything away, she’s just cool.

Death and rebirth are an obvious plot theme and I suspect will continue in the next installment. Overall, it’s a classic good vs. evil deal and has definitely got some plot twists that kept it interesting. The big battle that ensues toward the end of the novel is interesting but pretty obvious if you’ve read enough fantasy.

The other annoying part of the story is the ending; obviously a tie-in for a future book. Although I accepted it (begrudgingly), it was bothersome to not learn what had happened to a few characters.

In general, the story is mystical and not- enchanting and I found I was sucked into this interesting read that plunged me deeper and deeper into this nearly fairytale land.



Fascinating and addictive… (Rating: 5 Stars)
This may sound odd but I never thought of myself as a big fan of fantasy/action/historical novels…until I read this book. The physical book itself was large, solid, and I was caught right away by the graphic on the cover. I seriously didn’t think I would get so lost in it so quickly so I ventured to “skim” the first chapter. I must say that first chapter wowed me with excitement and I became so intrigued…I ended up with finishing it in less than three days. This book will hook you as it did me…from beginning to end. Mr. Silverman did a fine job setting up each character and describing the different “worlds”. The story itself is impressively original and creative. I found myself continuously asking questions about the characters’ abilities and powers. I enjoyed the different dichotomies of the novel…a relatable world-Earth and a more advanced and more imaginary world of Thoth, good and evil, black energy vs. blue/green energy, etc. The ending of the book was somewhat of a surprise but I appreciate the realistic aspect of it. Since it is the first of the series, I am already guessing what the next book would be like. Again, this book is a must-read. You will be secretly wishing that this book (and the rest of the series) be made into a movie.



Couldn’t puy this book down (Rating: 5 Stars)
I must say that his has been one of the best books that I have read in a long time. It is a great blend of all the top sci-fi authors that I read. I loved all the correlation to all the historical characters that I studied in an mythology class I took in college. I don’t want to give too much info about the plot because I think that you should read it for yourself. You will not be disappointed. I hope to see a few more books from Joshua Silverman on Amazon soon.