Did you know?

  1. In the Emerald Tablet, Atlantia’s family is from the Messene District in Thoth, but did you know that Messenia District is named after a real place in Greece called Messenia?
  2. In the Emerald Tablet, Caerus Anius finds Leukos Trismegistus in the Erebus forest. Did you know the Erebus forest was named after the primordial god “Erebus” which means “darkness” in Greek?
  3. Did you know the title of The Book of Six Pillars in the Emerald Tablet was influenced by a famous Japanese samurai swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi’s Book of Five Rings written in the year 1645.
  4. In the Emerald Tablet, everyone is looking for the mysterious Heart of Gold! Did you know this object also goes by another name you might recognize: The Philosopher’s Stone.
  5. In the Emerald Tablet, Atlantia is called a “helot” or slave. Did you know this relates to actual ancient Greek history. Between 735 BC – 715 BC, the ancient city of Sparta conquered a city-state called Messenia and enslaved their population. Spartan’s called these Messenian slaves, helots!
  6. In the Emerald Tablet, Atlantia is the last oracle. Did you know the ancient Egyptians and Greeks believed oracle’s spoke to the gods themselves, the most famous oracle in Greece being located at the mythical Delphi.
  7. Did you know the mythical Staff of Hermes in Greek alchemy was rumored to be located in the Kyllene Valley?
  8. Did you know the character Lycurgus is based off on a real person who lived in ancient Greece between 820–730 BC. History says that Lycurgus gave Sparta its first laws and he established the famous military centered Spartan based on three virtues: equality (among citizens), military fitness, and austerity.
  9. Did you know the character Osiris is named after the Egyptian god of the afterlife, the underworld, and the dead, Osiris!
  10. Did you know the Circle of Life game was inspired by the Improv classic exercise – the Pass Clap!