Out of the darkness, shines a light!

About the Series

Do You Ever Wish You Could Possess the Powers of a God?

Imagine if you awoke one morning to discover you had the powers of a god. What would you become? What magic—or terrors—might ensue if you suddenly possessed the unmatched might of the ancients? Would you use your magical powers for good?Or would you succumb to the darkness of the universe?

Immerse Yourself in the Magic of…Legends of Amun Ra

We are proud to introduce Legends of Amun Ra: a bold new science fiction series that explores those very questions. In this exciting new series by the talented emerging author Joshua Silverman, you will cross boundaries that will lead you into another dimension. A dimension of magic, rooted in genuine Egyptian and Greek history and mythology. Equal parts science fiction, fantasy, and historical epic, the tale begins in the sands of Egypt with the discovery of the ancient Emerald Tablet.

From there, the story literally spans space and time, following two young heroes on a joyous, enlightening, and at times terrifying trip to the world of Potara, where descendants of the Egyptians and Greeks have used faith-based technology to advance thousands of years beyond us. The journey forces the heroes to make fateful sacrifices in the face of unmatched power…and unspeakable darkness.

Come and Experience One of the Year’s Best New Tales of Magic…Legends of Amun Ra: explores the transformative processes of the soul, and is truly unlike anything you have ever read.

It’s time to discover the magic, mythology, and wonder of Legends of Amun Ra. 


What others say about our books


A great read – captivating and adventurous!

I started Legends of Anum-Ra: The Emerald Tablet with no expectations, as the book wasn’t my usual genre. I was instantly caught up in the paralleling of the modern world with ancient mythology – the back and forth between both worlds kept me interested and wondering. I felt like I got to know the characters as the writer did an excellent job evolving them and telling the story from each of their perspectives. The piece that won my heart, however, was the conjuring of the different colored energy and the spiritual message behind the story. I found myself bending down the pages and wanting to post some of it on Facebook as an inspiration!

I would totally recommend this read as it was captivating, adventurous and leaves you with a good feeling! Looking forward to reading the second adventure!!

-Ruth L-


Fascinating and addictive…,

This may sound odd but I never thought of myself as a big fan of fantasy/action/historical novels…until I read this book. The physical book itself was large, solid, and I was caught right away by the graphic on the cover. I seriously didn’t think I would get so lost in it so quickly so I ventured to “skim” the first chapter. I must say that first chapter wowed me with excitement and I became so intrigued…I ended up with finishing it in less than three days.

This book will hook you as it did me…from beginning to end. Mr. Silverman did a fine job setting up each character and describing the different “worlds”. The story itself is impressively original and creative. I found myself continuously asking questions about the characters’ abilities and powers.

– Witkamp-


Fantasy, Action, Romance, History and More All In One Amazing Read

The Emerald Tablet blends fantasy, history, sci-fi and action in a great way and from the first chapter I was hooked. The story takes place in an ancient Egyptian city and the author has done a great job in adding historical facts and incorporating ancient Greek and Eqyptian gods into the story.

There is plenty of action, romance, friendship, mysticism and more in this book and if you are looking for heroes, villans and lovers then you will definitely find it. There are plenty of thrills and mystery and you will find that everything is not as it seems. The characters are well developed and we get to see their strengths and weaknesses. The book weaves a quest and destiny into the plot and takes readers on an amazing adventure that they won’t want to end.

– Amanda Evans-

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